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Lewis Dodgson is the leader of Biosyn, and the primary human antagonist in the Fall series.

The Fall

Dodgson appears in Wikia HQ, where he has been allowed to use a room in Wikia HQ for his own purposes. A few chapters also feature entries to his log, describing things from his point of view and showing the passing of time.

Fall 2

Dodgson appears a little more in the Fall 2. He first appears when he encounters Lex on the streets. He forces her to lead him to Tim, but she makes his raptor attack him and escape. After pursuing them, he sees Lex watch Tim die. When Lex sees him grinning, she kicks him in the privates.

In the final chapter, when Lex reaches Dodgson's room, they have a gunfight, but she eventually gets Dodgson at her mercy. He says she wouldn't kill him, as she's eleven, but the granfather clock in the room chimes midday, and Lex says she is twelve, before shooting him.