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671px-Chaos effect lycaraptor by hellraptor-d3b9bi7

Lycaraptor Length:4 m/ 15 feet Height: 1,5 m/ 5 feet Weight: 100 kilos Mix between: Lycaenops, Smilidon, Liger(Lion+Tiger), Cheetah, and Velociraptor

This is one of the fastest, and deadliest creations by InGen. It combines many lethal aspects from extinct predators. In open terrain it can reach 90 km/h, and it can leap two meters in one jump. It,s high intelligence makes it also easier to domesticate, and in fact, this is the first tamed Chaos effect creature made by InGen.

This is a fan-created Chaos effect creature and is not part of the Chaos Effect toy line.

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