M.B. Nash is a character in the film Island of Doom: Jurassic Park. He is played by Nick S. Nash is a very creative person who works with mechanical objects. He travels quite a bit, and you can never stop him from doing something that he is so into accomplishing.

Island of Doom

Nash makes his debut in the Island of Doom film when he heads to Mike Bruines's house on his bicycle. Bruines and him head back to his house, with Bruines being slightly annoyed by going. Once they arrive, Nash shows Bruines a customized plane in his garage that he had been working on for two years straight. Afterwards, he tells him how he and many others plan to fly to the dinosaur-infested island of Isla Sorna. Bruines slowly slips into agreement of this plan.

The next day, Nash and Udesky pilot the plane to Isla Sorna, where Cooper, him and Udesky head into the forest.

Note: Nash doesn't accompany Cooper and Udesky in the few released scenes of the film, due to his absence during filming at the time.

After walking for several minutes, they hear a dinosaur roar - which scares the trio. Nash and Udesky flee the forest while Cooper bravely ventures deeper into it. As Cooper discovers the dinosaur as a Spinosaurus and begins to run, Nash and Udesky ready the plane. As Cooper runs out of the forest, he makes a swift break for the runway. Once he arrives, he tries to signal the plane to slow down - but Nash and Udesky ignore him out of fear. Sure enough - the Spinosaurus returns, devours Cooper and the plane's belly scrapes against its spine. This causes it to crash into the woods.

Nash was the only person in the plane to have not fallen out when it crashed in several trees. As Bruines and the others on the ground awoke, Bruines himself began to yell for Nash, who he sees moving around inside the plane. Nash's screams for help attract the sadistic Spinosaurus, and Bruines, Paul, Udesky, Anna and Amanda hide behind several trees. Nash is unaware of the carnivore approaching him - and continues screaming, but all this does is allow the Spinosaurus to have the easiest way possible to find him. The creature tears the plane out of the tree and it lands hard on the ground, and then the Spinosaurus rips off the cockpit and drags Nash out by his legs - eating him whole.

Nash (would have) been mentioned several times throughout the Island of Doom film, and his character is renewed in Jurassic Shark by "Nate Stone."