Originally posted on Park Pedia, written by PaulMcGannIsAwesome11777.

Mauisaurus haasti was the largest true Plesiosaur (not Pliosaur mind you) that ever lived. It could grow to an average of twenty-two meters and it's neck could stretch up to fifteen. It has a flexible, strong build and is roughly amphibious, as with most of it's kind, being able to clamber ashore for short periods of time, it could seek sanctuary from predators and the like. Mauisaurus haunted the waters of New Zealand and was the only marine reptile, large enough and capable enough, to slaughter the S.S. Venture crew. As with all the other dinosaurs, pterodactyls and marine reptiles at the park, it would bound to be impure and inaccurate by realistic standards, i.e. the Raptors. So it could have ripped apart the crew of the Venture.

This page is in itself a hypothesis, but not only that, I'm pretty sure I saw this plesiosaur in a video game once or twice. In one of the Jurassic Park games, there was a Mauisaurus, a plesiosaur with a very long, stretchy neck, it could reach into any nook and cranny, you could squeeze into, perfect marine predator, in-fact, just like an orca, it could slide ashore, for a bit, to reach you, really cool. I forget which game it was, but it was in there.