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  • Hi. I am an graphic design intern doing a internship at the design company Lower east. I am doing a project about pre historical sea animals, where i am doing posters and postcards. I would love to use the image below, can I? if you did the image i would love to credit you on them. Best, Pi Bartholdy


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  • "It is yours... Jurassic Park"
    Welcome to the Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki!
    What if You were Steven Spielberg or writer Michael Crichton... What would your Jurassic Park story look like? Create a new page and wite everything about your JP film, novel, game or wathever. Illustrate your story with any picture or video you like.
    • Need new characters or locations for your story? This article lists all JP characters and places that never made it into the film and waiting to be revived in your story.
    • Here is a collection of nice non-JP pictures of the film characters. Look here for even more pictures.
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