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  • I like to hear your thoughts of some of the stories, including my story, Jurassic World: Die Hard.

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  • Hi MikeShatter! Here Diabolusaurus127, or UnBreakAble127, wanting to contact you regarding that alternate version of Jurassic Park: Azores. Do you think we can talk about it about it?

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    • Well, Phil Gardner is still the main protagonist, and of course, he will have much more prominence than in the current story. Although I would like to know what other role you would give him (some other role than being part of the Security Division), his participation is very similar to Owen Grady in the new trilogy.

      However, he is not the only important character in the story. Adia Costa is the Head of Operations of the Park throughout history, so her participation is truly relevant. As well as her, Zal Slarker, the Head of Paleoveterinary, and the two geneticists, Keane Cederlof and Treslyn Quilley. As it could not be missing in this story, we have an antagonist, Marilia Ribeiro, a key member of an organization that will wreak havoc in the park, and also being the Head of Security who worked under the identity of Kaija Lambelho.

      Other characters that are present in the story are Paulino Guerrero and Jorge Moore (two members of the Security Division), Maryn Daris (a game warden), Cacia Costa (secretary and sister of Adia), Melissa Hues and Harrison Gray (two members of Hospitalization Division), Beth McBride (the replacement for Nedris after a butterfly effect in the first movie), Vance Wright (a dinosaur researcher), Michelle Connolly (née Tunney) and Mike Connolly (a couple who have a small accident in the park), Raymond Arnold (Head of Engineering in the original package), and Peter Ludlow (CEO of InGen after Hammond's death).

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    • I think you're right about that, Diabolusaurus127. I did have Gardner deal with the escaped Lourinhanosaurus herd in chapter 6. That has to count for something.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi MikeShatter!

    Since we are close to the grand finale of Jurassic Park: Azores, I couldn't help asking what your initial idea for this story was. First of all, let me give you a summary of all the information I have when Jurassic Park: Azores was titled as Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar;

    • As I mentioned before, originally, the story would be titled as Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar, and it would be about an alternate universe where Jurassic Park actually opened.
      • According to this thread, several ideas you had were that you would not include animals before the Mezosoic era due to historical/scientific reasons.
        • You mentioned that there would be no hybrids in story, especially because you wanted to be faithful to the original trilogy.
        • Dinosaurs would have babies. This is due to the frog's DNA, but you didn't make it clear if this was intentional or something accidental.
        • This is seen in the final version, but I still mention it: incidents in the story. Now what kind of incidents?
        • Unlike the final version, this story would be located in 1996, not in 1999. It seems that you wanted to include characters from movies like Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, although characters from the new trilogy were unlikely to appear. My question is, what participation would they have in this first version?
        • You said that other Costa Rican islands would appear like Isla Sorna (it was still the island where the dinosaurs were cloned, although you mentioned that they were "testing facilities"), presumably other islands of Muertes Archipelago, an island of Azores (I don't know if you meant Graciosa Island, to Corvo Island, or another different island) and another Asian island. In addition to this, you mentioned that "they would have parks there", which makes me understand that the main focus of the story would not only be on Isla Nublar, but also in other parks (or they may be mentions).
      • I also found that when you changed the page from Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar to Jurassic Park: Azores, you put in the summary: "Better fit for story". This makes me understand that you had a previous version for the original story, and that after thinking about it, you decided to put the focus on Graciosa Island.

    I hope you can answer and give me a detailed answer, as well as answer some questions I would like to ask you ;D

    PS: Incidentally, you may also want to talk about YOUR original vision for Jurassic Park: Azores when it was already titled like that.

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    Diabolusaurus127 closed this thread because:
    For the history's sake.
    22:03, October 13, 2019
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  • Hey Mike, I was wondering if you read chapter 11 of my story, that was just released. I wanted your opinion.

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  • Hi there, Mike!

    My name is Nick and I'm very pleased to meet you, and also, I'm excited that the park will open its doors once and for all in Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar

    Now, I have some questions for you: Will there possibly be creatures that have lived before, when and after dinosaurs too? I treat all extinct animals and plants throughout history as equals...



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    Diabolusaurus127 closed this thread because:
    For the history's sake.
    15:35, October 13, 2019
    • Hello, Nick.

      Of course there will be creatures after the Mesozoic era, however, animals before the Mesozoic era will probably not be an addition to the park, because DNA before more than 250 million years is more difficult to extract and find.

      If you have more questions, you can ask them freely.

      PS: In case you really think this is going to be real (no offense), it isn't.

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    • Don't worry, I know it's not real... I have a great imagination!

      Just some last questions.

      • Can there be JWA and JWTG hybrids?
      • Will there be male and female animals having babies? (I hope Blue has a baby in JW3.
      • Let there be some incidents such as animal riots (never let there be death). I bet this story can be for people of all ages. Including children. Is that possible with you?
      • I hope Owen Grady and other JW characters can be welcome. I think that extinct animals can be domesticated and trained like Good Zoo animals.
      • If you are looking for a way to recover paleozoic plants and animals, try to get InGen to contact Cambrian Genomics (it is a true synthetic biological company in San Francisco that shines in dark plants through 3D DNA printing)
      • If you can welcome Isla Sorna and the other islands to have attractions and facilities, do so.

      You don't have to have all this, I just hope I can give you ideas and inspiration for your story.

      I wait for you by cutting the red ribbon with golden scissors at the opening of Jurassic Park!

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      • There will be no hybrids, I want to keep this story atleast a little lore friendly to the original trilogy.
      • Thanks to the african frog DNA in the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs will be able to change genders, so yes, there will be baby dinosaurs.
      • There will be an incident log.
      • This timeline is set in 1996, no JW world characters will be present, unfortunately. But there will be JP characters like Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm.
      • Thanks for letting me know about the ICCG (InGen Contact Cambrian Genomics), I will find a way to include them into the story.
      • Isla sorna will be a testing facility, that also goes for the other islands off the coast of costa rica (not including nublar), but there will be islands in european seas and asian seas that will have parks.

      Thank you for the questions, it will still be a little bit before i begin writing the story, but asking questions and giving suggestions makes it take less time and easier to make.

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  • I'm planning to adopt adminship and bureaucratship this wiki and I would like your approval on there.

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  • Hey, man. You have to be more careful when you edit the main page. I had to fixed it to the correct version of it.

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  • Hey there.

    Since I have seen you make a logo for BattleshipMan for his fanfiction, may I ask you to make a logo for my fanfiction, Jurassic World II: Rebuilding Jurassic World?

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  • Check out my other chapters of Jurassic World: Die Hard if you want to let me know about them.

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