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Mike Torres was the high-ranking member of Extinct All Dinosaurs movement, who is an old friend and second-in-command of Sean Nolan. He is the secondary antagonist in Jurassic World: Die Hard. He is portrayed by Raymond Cruz.


Early Life

Torres was a former Army Special Forces soldier who fought alongside Sean Nolan. He was a veteran of the Gulf War, along with Nolan and Dan Smith. After the Gulf War, he was discharged with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. lived in San Diego and worked in various jobs. After the San Diego Incident, Nolan called Torres while he was at the bar. Aware of what happened to Nolan's pregnant wife, Emily, who was killed by the escaped T-rex when it trampled on Nolan's car, Torres expressed his condolences to his friend and agrees that events like the San Diego shouldn't happened again.

After Nolan got his five million dollar settlement money, Torres helped Nolan formed Extinct All Dinosaurs and was appointed second-in-command of the organization. He helped recruit many like-minded ex-soldiers and trained mercenaries from various countries into the group, including fellow Gulf War veteran Smith and former Air Force analyst Heather Cullen, who lost her nine-year-old son when he was killed by a pack of Compsognathus while visiting Jurassic Park in 2007. The group was responsible for 10 terrorist attacks against companies who cloned and sponsored the dinosaurs. Torres learned from InGen mercenary and security contractor John Antonis about InGen's secret plans to create an genetically modified creature name Indominus Rex, along with plans to use the Indominus and the Velcioraptors for militarization. After Nolan found out who the conspirators are, he and Torres have initiated plans to attack Jurassic World. He, along with Nolan, Cullen and others, were among those who entered Isla Nublar two weeks before, thanks to the help from their mole inside the control room, controller Jeffrey Porter. Torres and the others hid in abandoned Jurassic Park visitor center where they used it as their pre-base of operations as the other members of their group were going into the island disguised as tourists.

Jurassic World: Die Hard

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Personality and traits

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