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Paleo is quite possibly the biggest story Styracosaurus Rider has ever written. It has to be divided up into three books. Now read on...


The most advanced biological preserve known to man is set up, containing prehistoric organisms resurrected from extinction. But is man just too curious? In the end, evolution always wins…

If you're wondering why the synopsis is so ambiguous, it's deliberate. Quite deliberate.


  1. Paleo: Book 1
  2. Paleo: Book 2
  3. Paleo: Book 3

Boring disclaimers

This is a story about an alternate Jurassic Park. I do not own the movies or the novels, or any of their characters that are featured within. Any people, places, events, etc. depicted in this story are fictional or are used fictiously. Most characters used in this story are from Jurassic Park books, movies, games, or other forms of media, and I will note when any original characters are used at their first appearance. I have made every effort to ensure that the details (particularly paleontological) in this story are accurate. However, any errors within are my own, as are any personal views mentioned. When creating this story, the work of many paleontologists, some well-known and not so well-known, has inspired the choices I made regarding dinosaurs. Among these include Jack Horner, Robert Bakker, Scott Sampson, Tom Holtz, Edwin Colbert, Phil Currie, Ted Daeschler, and Gregory Paul, not to mention the influence of Richard Owen, Edward Cope, Othniel Marsh, Roy Chapman Andrews, and many others that pioneered early paleontology. The work of paleoartists such as William Stout, John Sibbick, Luis Rey, Raul Martin, and Shane Foulkes has helped drive my creative touch. There are many other scientists I could thank here, but listing them all would take forever.

In addition, a few authors have helped me with stories over the years. Thanks to Warren Fahy, Jeremy Robinson, Douglas Preston, Steve Alten, Wells, Verne, Poe, Shakespeare---and, as always, the great Michael Crichton.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I just want to say a few things before we start. This acts as an alternate Jurassic Park. Events proceed totally differently than you recognize, from start to finish. But the names (and professions to some extent) are the same, although some certain characters may have different personalities…all I can say is keep your eyes out and think outside the box. Also, this story is a bit of a rest from all the completely accurate Jurassic Park fanfictions I’ve done, so I may take a few creative liberties or two.

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