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The scene of Emhart's death

Paul Emhart is a character in Jurassic Park IV: Extinction. He was a genetics expert at the original Jurassic Park until it was evacuated.


Jurassic Park IV: Extinction

Emhart makes his first, and only true, appearance in the Prologue. He is eaten by a Deinosuchus while sailing by Isla Nublar.

But later, in Chapter 7, Grant, Billy, Malcom, Sarah, and Harrison discover his boat wreck and, in the remains, find his journal and his Jurassic Park files. It is revealed in his journal that after th JP incident, he got a new job, retired, and was vacationing in Costa Rica when he died. It is possible he may have been involved in the creation of the petting zoo Pteranodon, because the plans were in his suitcase.