This article, Pliocene Park, was written by me, Pinguinus. Please do not edit this page without my permission.

This is my upcoming fiction. It will be written in the form of a serial; those who have read RR will know what I mean.

Before I begin, there are basic points I want to make sure you understand.

  • I do not recognize the movies as canon, and so I will be using the novels as my guides. For example, in my story, John Hammond is dead but Muldoon isn't, and will in fact play a large role in the story.
  • Lewis Dodgson is also dead, killed by Tyrannosaurus on Isla Sorna.

Chapter 1

Muldoon patiently sat at his table, waiting. The guy was late.

A few weeks ago, Muldoon had been approached by the Midas Corporation, who had claimed that they had a pretty good-paying job for him. After shoveling elephant dung for the past few years, Muldoon was eager for change.

A car pulled up nearby; it had the word "Midas" emblazoned on it. In stepped a blond man, smiling at Muldoon. He was a likeable person; Muldoon found it hard not to like him.

"Hello," said the man, "My name is Trajan Dias. I'm with the Midas Corporation."

"Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Dias," said Muldoon.

"Oh, you can call me Trajan."

"I understand you have a job I may be interested in."

Trajans face grew darker. "Yes," he said, "That."

"Well, what is it?"

Trajan sighed. "We have a bit of a situation at our new zoo, in London. One of our animals escaped. You have experience with this kind of thing, I presume?"

"I do indeed," said Muldoon, "However, I'll need more details before I can do the job."

"Come with me," said Trajan, "To London. We can't talk safely here."

Muldoon agreed, and the two got into the car, and went to the nearest airport.