Since the Big Bang Theory is about everything that is scientific and geeky, and there are already episodes solely devoted to Lord of the Rings, Magic, The Time Machine, Age of Conan there must become an episode that is all about Jurassic Park.

Plot outline

As featured in The Lost World: Jurassic Park movie, InGen wants to open a Jurassic Park in San Diego. Tonight the first dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus rex, will arrive by boat. The boys want to be there when it happends.

The boy are waiting the entire night at the dock. Peter Ludlow gives his speeche. Then the ship appears and crashes in the dock. The boys are REALLY upset and wonder what is wrong.

Raj is soo scared that he runs away from the dock into a Toilet house.

Than the Tyrannosaurus comes out of the boat and EATS a few men, after that is goes for the three boys. The boys run for their lives, but Howard immediately gets pain is his stomach and falls on the floor. Sheldon and Leonard are chased by the T. rex, therefore they jump into the water before the T. rex can snatch them. The T. rex goes further and destoyes the toilet house and now Raj is in the open air. Luckely for him the T. rex doesn't notice him.

Leonard has to drag Sheldon out of the water, "you see that you can't learn how to swim on the internet, wiseguy."

The four boys are gonna sit in the rubble and are in a shock. Sheldon stares into invinity and utters: "it almost EAT me...", Howard stares into invinity and utters: "it almost EAT me...", Raj stares into invinity and utters: "it almost EAT me..." and Leonard stares into invinity and utters: "I saw my ENTIRE life flowing by... God that was boring..."