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This article, The Cage: A Malchom's Woods Story, has gory, bloody and violent scenes.
It may not be suitable for children under the age of 15, viewer discretion advised.

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The Cage: A Malchom's Woods Story is a short story by Carnotaur, and the third installment in The Malchom's Woods Series. It is an upcoming Malchom's Woods's midquel. It was published in March, 2020.


The story occurs over the last seven days of a teenager, Timothy Hayson's, life. It involves the event known as The Lakewood Massacre, which invloved a pack of Allosaurus, and the six days before it.



  • “They're waiting outside...”
  • “Sometimes, the animals are the ones outside the cage.”
  • ”A boy, a town, a pack of Allosaurs, and a Cage...”


  • In Jurassic Park: The New Era, an event of the series is mentioned, the Lakewood massacre. In that story, the character named Jonathan Lyon mentions that he witnessed the massacre, organized by the murderous group, "Different Lizards".
  • This is the first horror work written by Carnotaur, in stark contrast to the drama, documentary, and action-adventure themes of his other works.


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