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Park will fall...

Evil will rise...

And dinosaurs shall rule the earth.

Plot synopsis

In 1989, author Michael Crichton brought Jurassic Park to the world of literature, and it was a total success. But the franchise reached its key point with the 1993 film, as well as its two sequels. But now, the franchise begins again, with a breath of fresh air full of action and suspense. Combining the novel and the film, based on films of the genre such as The Bourne Ultimatum or Die Hard, The Fall will repeat its steps with a new style of travel in the park that we all love.


  • Sam Neill as Alan Grant
  • Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler
  • Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm
  • Richard Attenborough as John Hammond
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Raymond Arnold
  • Bob Peck as Robert Muldoon
  • Martin Ferrero as Donald Gennaro
  • Wayne Knight as Dennis Nedry
  • Domhnall Gleeson as Ed Regis
  • Gerald R. Molen as Gerry Harding
  • Joseph Mazzello as Timothy Murphy
  • Ariana Richards as Alexis Murphy
  • Christian Slater as Lewis Dodgson
  • BD Wong as Henry Wu

More additions to the cast coming soon!


While it is true that I do not have the chapters planned, I have been thinking of some ideas for the development of the plot such as:

  • BioSyn has a "bad guy" who kidnaps the characters, and takes control of the park. The takeover of the park would occur after the characters go on the park tour, causing the antagonists to take the control center with Hammond and the others as hostages.
  • They disabled the park's electric fences, disobeying BioSyn's orders. Although I still haven't thought about his motivations for this disobedience, the only thing I can assure you is that he hides something down his sleeve.
  • The final showdown would be between the villain's thugs, the villain himself, and the raptors. The conclusion of the battle would be the same as in the movie, the Tyrannosaurus "saves" the protagonists.
  • Small additions that are taken from novels and movies.
    • There are dinosaurs on the mainland.
    • There are scenes removed from the final script of the film.
      • Alan and Ellie's relationship is better established.
      • A better relationship between Lex, Tim and Alan during their survival.
    • There are two Tyrannosaurus.
    • There are more raptors on the island.
    • There are more employees on the island.

More ideas to share coming soon!

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