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After the horrible disaster of 1993. InGen decided to be a little more “safe” so they found a Island Isla Pena, one of the five deaths to breed Triassic creatures on since they were not that deadly. After trial and error InGen hired Dr. Wartz to tour guests before the park opened, just like the original Jurassic Park. The guests were Billy Brendan and Paul Kirby. After hours in a helicopter the guests arrive at Isla Pena. Dr.Wartz greats them and they get in a Jeep Wrangler just then it starts pouring they guests have to stay in the Visistor Center. Then a Eoraptor enters the Visitor Center and eats Dr.Wartz, more arrive and attack the guests. Security enters the room and sees both guests almost dead they begin to shoot the Eoraptors. The leader Eoraptor runs into the room and sees his allies dead. Enraged the Leader began to chase the Humans through the Center. Eventually a Plateosaurus comes and kills the Eoraptor Leader. The guests find a helicopter and escape the island.

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