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In 1999 InGen found a Microposaurus in Costa Rica. Worried that more Triassic dinosaurs will escape InGen sends a hunting party to build a huge wall around Isla Pena. Felix Salt is in charge of the expedition. The team eventually runs out of food and Felix heads into the jungle he sees a colossal shape and realizes its a Postosuchus. He runs but the Postosuchus is not far behind him the team sees him and begins to fire at the Postosuchus. It eventually dies and they eat it for supper. A Herrerasaurus comes to see what is all the noise about. She sees the beginning of the wall and becomes enraged the party begins to shoot her but it has no effect. And she eventually tracks down Felix and the two fight the creature is eventually eaten by a Cymbospondylus. Felix gets in his helicopter and flies away.

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