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Once Felix returns to Costa Rica InGen demands that he finishs the wall but Felix’s team is dead and he is very tired and does not finish the wall. Enraged InGen tried to sue Felix every way the could. Felix has become very drunk and is very dumb so he climbs in a boat with alcohol and heads to Isla Pena. Once he arrives he realizes what he has done and goes crazy however he decides not to leave because of the strong waves in the water. He grabs some of the weapons that his team had and heads into the wilderness and encounters a Plateosaurus he looks at the large dinosaur as it eats some vegetation. He sees a cave and decides this is were he will sleep. However a large Nothosaur has other plans Felix gets out his gun but it has no bullets. He uses it as a club and hits the Nothosaur with it several bats fly other his head. The cave begins to collapse the Nothosaur bites on Felixs leg and rips off his foot Felix crawls towards the entrance the Nothosaur rawrs and the cave collapses on her. The water is fine and Felix begins to paddle away and throughs his alcohol in the water.

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