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  • I live in The Mysterious Beyond
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Screenwriter
  • I am Male

Usually available from Friday afternoon until Sunday, I will usually be active during holidays.

Me & Jurassic Park/World series

To be rewritten.

My favorite stories

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My favorite creatures

Jurassic Park III: Apocalypse



The novel's score was composed by Don Davis, with some of John Williams' themes from the previous films featured. Muse recorded the song "Unnatural Selection" for the novel and its promotional material.

  1. "Opening Titles"
  2. "Theme from Jurassic Park"
  3. "Survival"
  4. "Isla de los Muertos"
  5. "Collapse/Exploration"
  6. "Sharptooth/Inferno"
  7. "Migration"
  8. "DX"
  9. "Apocalypse/Neo-Jurassic Age"
  10. "Finale"
  11. "Unnatural Selection" (by Muse)
  12. "Copacabana" (by Barry Manilow)
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